Bank details

Full name of the bank "NEW MOSCOW BANK"
Short name of the bank "NMB"
Registration number 2932 (entry in the Book of state registration of credit institutions dated 27.06.1994)
ОГРН 1027700128796 (entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities dated 08/14/2002)
ИНН 7703008207
КПП 770401001
ОКВЭД 64.19
ОКПО 29065339
Legal address Russia, 119435, Moscow, Bolshoy Savvinsky lane, 2-4-6 , b.10.
Postal address (location address) Russia, 119435, Moscow, Bolshoy Savvinsky lane, 2-4-6 , b.10.
Contact phone/fax (495) 796-93-55 / (495) 796-93-55
Correspondent account in rubles 30101810445250000852 in the Main Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the Central Federal District Moscow BIC 044525852
Correspondent account in Yuan  
Correspondent account in Turkish Lira  
Correspondent account in EURO  
Correspondent account in US dollars  
License Basic License for banking operations with funds in rubles and foreign currency (with the right to attract funds from individuals to deposits) and for banking operations with precious metals No. 2932 (05.12.2018)