About Us

Commercial Bank "New Moscow Bank" (Limited Liability Company) (CB "NMB" LLC) NEW MOSCOW BANK (NMB)

Commercial Bank "New Moscow Bank" (Limited Liability Company) operates with different types of clients-legal entities, individuals in Russian rubles, foreign currency and precious metals since June, 1994. It is a universal commercial bank that provides customers with a full range of banking services within the framework of the existing banking license. 

Commercial Bank "New Moscow Bank" (Limited Liability Company) operates under the basic license No. 2932 dated 05 of December, 2018 for banking operations with funds in rubles and foreign currency (with the right to attract funds from individuals to deposits) and for banking operations with precious metals, issued by the Central Bank of Russia, and upon the Company Charter, registered by the Central Bank of Russia on 11 of December, 2014.

The Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the Federal Security Service of Russia on 8 of November, 2017 granted the Bank licence LSZ No. 0015021 Reg. No. 16301 N for the development, production, distribution of encryption (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using encryption (cryptographic) tools, performance of work, provision of services in the field of information encryption, maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) tools, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using encryption (cryptographic) means (except for the case when the maintenance of encryption (cryptographic) means, information systems and telecommunication systems protected using encryption (cryptographic) means is carried out to meet the own needs of a legal entity or self-employed businessman). 

The сustomers of NEW MOSCOW BANK are employed in such sectors of economy as industrial construction, agro-industrial complex, real estate development, mining, telecommunications and communications, trade, foodservice industry, insurance, medical care, pharmaceuticals industry, air service (civil and industrial). Public interest and charitable organizations are the customers of NEW MOSCOW BANK also. 

A significant number of the Bank's customers are active participants in foreign economic activity. 

NEW MOSCOW BANK provides personal managers for high-profile corporate customers to render professional consulting services. NEW MOSCOW BANK cooperates in every possible way the establishment of partnerships between its clients and provides them with a real opportunity to expand the network of business partners and counterparties through various financial instruments and individual plans that speed up and increase the efficiency of financial settlements. 

Commercial Bank "New Moscow Bank" (Limited Liability Company) issues international bank cards, being as an affiliated member of the International payment systems "MasterCard International", "Visa International".

The Banking Supervision Committee of the Central Bank of Russia issued February 2, 2005 a positive opinion on the compliance of our Bank with the requirements for participation in the deposit insurance system (Certificate of inclusion of the bank in the register of banks participating in the compulsory deposit insurance system No. 573 dated February 3, 2005). 

NEW MOSCOW BANK in its activities strictly adheres to the principles of professional ethics. 

The corporate values of the Bank are: 

  • devotion to the cause;
  • legality;
  • professionality;
  • corporativity;
  • openness;
  • safety;
  • responsibility.

The Bank's relations with customers, business partners, and government officials are based on the following ground rules:

  • respect;
  • trust;
  • fulfillment of obligations;
  • professionality;
  • priority of clients' interests;
  • complete disclosure of the required information.

The Bank supports free competition and pursues a fair and open policy towards competitors based on the principles of honesty and mutual respect. 

The Bank does not transact business that are contrary to the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation. 

The Bank builds relations with its employees on the principles of long-term cooperation, mutual respect and fulfillment of mutual obligations. 

The Bank makes information about its activities public in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the interests of the Bank, its customers and business partners. 

An integral part of the Bank's activity is ensuring the economic security of the Bank, participants, customers, business partners and employees.