Securities transactions

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Issue and accounting of the Bank's own promissory notes

CB "NMB" LLC issues interest and discount bills denominated both in rubles and in foreign currency. The forms of the Bank's promissory notes are printed by the GOZNAK factory and are reliably protected from forgeries.

The Bank's promissory notes can be used both as a means of settlement and as a convenient accumulation tool that allows the Client to save the currency equivalent of ruble funds.

Holders of Bank promissory notes can be both legal entities and individuals.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the bill holder can use a ruble (and in some cases, a currency) bill belonging to him as a means of payment by making a transfer inscription - an endorsement on the reverse side of the bill. Notarization of the signature is not required. In accounting, the operation of accepting a bill of exchange in payment for the delivered goods does not affect the settlement account of the enterprise.

The Bank issues promissory notes with a due date on a certain day or at a certain time from the drawing up of the promissory note (fixed-term promissory notes), as well as promissory notes with a due date on presentation or at a certain time from presentation (perpetual promissory notes). In a promissory note with a due date upon presentation, it may be stipulated that it is presented for payment no earlier than a certain period.

The terms of circulation of the Bank's promissory notes provide for the possibility of early payment of the promissory note - before the designated payment period for it.

Promissory notes are accepted for repayment, as well as as collateral when issuing loans to customers of CB "NMB" LLC.

Promissory notes of CB "NMB" LLC, combining the properties of a security and a settlement document, make it possible to increase the size and speed up the turnover of the working capital of the company holding the promissory note, reduce the size of accounts receivable and accounts payable, speed up calculations, simplify the payment procedure.

Transactions with bills of third-party issuers

CB "NMB" LLC offers a wide range of services for transactions with bills of third-party issuers:

  • avaling of bills of exchange (issuing guarantees of payment on a bill on behalf of the Bank)
  • checking bills of exchange for authenticity
  • issuing loans secured by bills
  • of exchange accepting bills of exchange for commission
  • responsible storage of bills
  • of exchange accepting bills of exchange for collection (to receive payment)
  • redemption (accounting) promissory notes of third-party issuers
  • payment of promissory notes on behalf and at the expense of the debtor (domicile)
  • assistance in the acquisition and sale of promissory notes of other issuers at market prices both on the basis of long-term agreements and one-time commission agreements.

Transactions on the accounting of bills of third-party issuers can be carried out on the basis of the following agreements:

  • contract of sale of promissory
  • notes agreement on compensation
  • contract of exchange of promissory notes for promissory notes CB "NMB" LLC

The Bank's specialists will provide you with qualified advice on the development and implementation of promissory note settlements with your counterparties.


You can get additional information from Guberna Eduard Vladimirovich by phone:

+7 495 139 4309